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Matt Interior Latex Paint «Silk Touch 3» Maxima

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Latex paint with silky effect. It has perfect adhesion and easily spreads on the surface, providing little consumption with high application rate. It creates hard coat resistant to intensive repeated washing (1 class acc. to DSTU EN 13300). It is vapor permeable. It hides effectively micro-cracks of the surface under application. It is easy to apply, makes no runs and doesn't splash during application.


Sphere of application

It is intended for interior coating of all mineral (mortar and lime-mortar plaster, finishing plaster, brick, concrete), gypsum and wooden surfaces, wallpaper and fiberglass. It is recommended for coating of walls and ceilings in dry and wet spaces with high exploitation load: living, administrative spaces, medical, infant and educational establishments, spaces of catering and industrial enterprises. 

It is not intended for coating of floors, doors and furniture.


High-quality latex, pigments, extenders, water, additives.

Technical data

, , for mineral surfaces, , ,
Application interior
Category Wall paint
Consumption standard of 1 layer: 110-150 g/m2
Thinner: Water
Application: Apply with a roller, a brush or a spraying gun.
Drying period (23 °С, 50% RH): max. 1 hour
Color base: А, B, TR. It is shaded according to NCS color range.
Solids content (DSTU ISO 3251) : about 58% (базис А),
about 56% (базис B),
about 56% (базис TR).
Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) : about 1,45 g/cm3(base А),
about 1,37 g/cm3 (base B),
about 1,33 g/cm3 (base TR).
Gloss (DSTU ISO 2813) : max. 10 GU at 85°
The degree of milling (SSU ISO 1524): max. 25 microns
Contrast ratio of dry film (ISO 6504-3) : min. 99 %
Wet-scrub resistance, microns (DSTU ISO 11998): max. 5 (after 200 cycles)
Warranty period: 36 months
Packaging: Base А - 1,2 kg, 3,5 kg, 6 kg, 12 kg
Base B, TR - 1 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg

2 reviews for Matt Interior Latex Paint «Silk Touch 3» Maxima

Василь 25.07.2022

Пофарбував стіни в дитячій кімнаті.
З фарби добре змивається маркер.
Дуже задоволений, виробнику дякую!

Микола 31.01.2022

Якісна латексна фарба. Стіни у вітальні виглядають чудово. Витрата не велика, що дуже здивувало.

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