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Acrylic wood varnish

Wood is a popular material in construction work. It gained its popularity due to its natural beauty and environmental friendliness. But in order for a tree to serve you for as long as possible, it must be protected from negative influences. Acrylic wood varnish is a water-based varnish that perfectly protects wood from external factors and more. This will make your wooden structure last longer.

Acrylic wood varnish and its benefits

As with all other materials, acrylic varnish has its advantages:
• has no pungent odor – this allows you to choose any place for painting, either in the fresh air or indoors;
• dries quickly – when painting a wooden structure with acrylic varnish you will not spend much time, because the drying time is about 4 hours;
• creates a strong coating – acrylic varnish for wood creates a stronger coating than alkyd, such a coating is resistant to shocks, scratches and other mechanical impacts;
• environmentally friendly – due to the fact that acrylic varnish for wood does not have a pungent odor, it will not harm your health;
• resistant to household chemicals – if you contaminate the acrylic varnish coating, you can wash it with household chemicals and not worry that you will spoil it;
• elastic – creates a thin film that is resistant to temperature changes.
Acrylic varnish is ready for use. After purchasing it, you can return home and immediately start painting the wood.

Acrylic varnish for wood and its types

In our store you can buy several types of acrylic varnish for wood:
1. Varnish yacht polyurethane-acrylic. This material is resistant to sea and river water, which is why it is often bought for painting decks. It has no pungent odor and emphasizes the structure of the wood. It can be painted indoors and outdoors.
2. Varnish parquet polyurethane-acrylic. This material is most often used to paint the floor. It creates a durable coating that is resistant to mechanical influences and household chemicals. Therefore, you will not need to repaint the wood very often. You can use this acrylic varnish for wood only indoors.
3. Panel varnish. This acrylic varnish perfectly emphasizes the structures of the tree and preserves its natural beauty. It creates a strong and elastic film, as it does not turn yellow and does not crack over time. Therefore, it can be used for structures that will be both outdoors and indoors.
All these acrylic varnishes are intended for protection and decorative processing of earlier painted or new wood.
Choose them depending on what kind of wooden structure you will paint and what protective function you want to get.

Classification of acrylic varnish for wood

Acrylic varnish for wood by purpose is:
• universal – suitable for both exterior and interior work. Be sure to pay attention to this when buying varnish. After all, acrylic varnish, which can not be used outdoors is not resistant to temperature changes and other weather phenomena.
• For interior use only – not resistant to weathering, which can shorten the life of your wooden structure.
One of the main functions of acrylic varnish is to create a decorative effect. That is why it has several degrees of brilliance. Depending on this acrylic varnishes are:
• glossy – give the surface shine;
• silky-matte – provide \\\”silkiness\\\” designs.

What to look for when choosing an acrylic varnish for wood

When buying acrylic varnish for wood, we recommend paying attention to the following factors:
1. Drying time – it depends on how long you will do the work;
2. Scope – the right choice of varnish for the purpose, will increase the life of your wooden structure;
3. The degree of brilliance.

Recommendations for applying acrylic varnish for wood

Acrylic wood varnish is easy to apply, so even a beginner without special knowledge and skills will be able to paint with it. In order to paint with acrylic varnish without problems and complications, we recommend reading our instructions.
Before applying acrylic varnish, prepare the wooden surface:
1. Clean from dust, dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants. If mold has already appeared on the wood, it should be removed with a scraper. Then treat with antiseptic for wooden surfaces.
In places where there were knots, it is necessary to remove the resin. This can be done mechanically with a scraper.
2. Completely remove the old coating from previously painted surfaces, this will help to obtain a smooth coating without visible transitions.
3. Defects on the surface should be corrected if possible with wood putty. After it is necessary to grind putty. Grinding should be carried out in 2 stages: first grind with coarse-grained sanding skin, and then finish grinding – already fine-grained. Then remove all dust.

The next stage is priming. Surfaces that have previously been varnished do not require prior priming. Wooden structures that have not been previously painted must be primed. Before applying the wood preservative, make sure that the product is clean and well dried.
Now you can start applying acrylic varnish for wood. Before starting work, make sure that the wood is well dried after priming. It is necessary to apply polyurethane varnish at air and working surface temperature from + 10ºС to + 30ºС and relative humidity of air no more than 80%. Painting should be done in 2-3 layers with intermediate sanding. Use the following tools to apply the varnish:
• brush – most often paint small details and hard to reach places;
• roller – used for large areas;
• spray paint – paint large wooden structures.

Buy acrylic wood varnish

You can buy acrylic varnish for wood in our online store. We provide you with a wide range of acrylic varnishes at a nice price and with delivery throughout Ukraine. In our store you can buy tools for applying acrylic varnish. We will not make you wait for a long delivery, because our materials are always available. At our site the current price for acrylic varnish for a tree is specified. The wide range gives the chance to choose an acrylic varnish both at the optimum price, and with good quality. If you have any questions when choosing an acrylic varnish for wood or when applying, our specialists will help you understand any issue.

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