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Enamels differ in purpose, scope and composition.

Enamels (paints) according to their purpose are divided into:

Enamels for metal are 3 in 1 anti-corrosion enamels or primer enamels for protecting metal structures, pipes and other metal products from corrosion (rust, oxidation, etc.).
Enamels for wood – for painting various wooden surfaces: plywood, chipboard, DSP, fiberboard and wooden beams.
Enamels on mineral surfaces – for painting concrete and other mineral surfaces.

There are also universal PF-115 enamels and PF-266 floor enamels. Universal enamels PF-115 are suitable for painting various types of surfaces both indoors and outdoors. PF-115 is used for painting furniture, doors, window frames, railings and fences, work tools, metal garages, industrial structures, etc. Enamel PF-266 (floor paint) – is used exclusively indoors for painting wooden and concrete floors.

There are two different types of enamels in common use: traditional alkyd enamels and acrylic enamels. Alkyd enamel is made from alkyd resins in a chemical solvent. Acrylic enamels are water-based enamels that do not contain harmful compounds.

How to choose enamel?

Before you buy enamel, you need to consider:

Work type. For indoor or outdoor work.
Appointment. Choose enamel depending on the type of surface to be painted.
Properties. For painting metal, it is better to take special enamels (paints), such as 3in1 enamel or primer-enamel. For painting wooden surfaces, you can take the traditional PF-115 enamel.
Color. Choose from existing color options or mix and match enamels of different colors to create your own unique color.
Packing (volume). The volume of purchased enamel must be calculated based on the area to be painted and the consumption of enamel. The higher the quality (class) of enamel, the more economical the consumption.

How to buy enamel (paint)?

Alkyd and acrylic enamels can be bought in our online store at low prices. Choose the product you are interested in and buy it in our online store.

All enamels are produced by well-known and well-established companies for the high quality of their products. All enamels are in stock, so we have fast delivery and low price. You can always place an order online or by phone.

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